HERITAGE Wax, our legacy, our culture


HERITAGE : The brand


In the 1950’s, a group of Togolese women became the first wax fabric wholesalers when they started massively importing some from European manufacturers to sell it throughout Africa. These “Mama Benz”, as they became known, gained fame thanks to the Ghanaian, Ivorian and Beninese traders who all came to Lomé to purchase the highly sought-after textile.
Nowadays, everywhere in Africa, the new generation of wax fabric traders does not only want to act as reseller for major wax brands: it wants to get involved in the design and manufacturing process of the products it distributes.
HERITAGE’s ambition is to enhance the African woman’s emancipation by making her design the print patterns, choose the colors and give names to the wax fabric she intends to market.
HERITAGE’s vision also encompasses the promotion of fashion designers who pay tribute to the timeless African wax fabric through their creations. You can meet some of them in the “news” section.

Our values become eternal through our actions.
As long as we are able to pass on the heritage, our history will never end.