• " Renato’s Car "

    Renato is the character of a famous South American TV series watched everywhere in Africa.

  • "Three-way friendship is impossible" – Togo & Ivory Coas

    In Togolese dialect Ewe, this fabric is named « Ameton ma doha dit », which means in essence that living a three-way friendship is impossible. Ivorians call this one « Three Ministers ».

  • The eye of my rival - Ivory Coast

    The eye of my rival - Ivory Coast

    Here, the woman is sending a message to her rival: « I intend to give you a hard time ». She is ready to do anything to protect her household.

  • Guéï’s Broom - Ivory Coast

    Guéï’s Broom - Ivory Coast

    This nickname is a direct reference to the 1999 military coup in Abidjan, which ousted President Henri Konan Bédié from power. He was replaced by General Robert Guéï until elections could be held.

  • "My husband’s bed "- Burkina Faso

    Wearing this fabric intends to show that all is well in the household. A husband always comes back to his wife!

  • " Nails " – Togo, Benin & Ivory Coast

    «Nails » in Togo and Bénin, « Mrs Therese’s Nails » in Ivory Coast. This name is a reference to a wife’s fury should another woman try to get close to her husband.

  • "Papayas "– Ghana & Ivory Coast

    " Papayas " for the Ghanaians, « Bone of Contention » for the Ivoirians. This wax fabric is typically worn by a young woman who is financially supported by an older man.

  • Because Your Husband Can - Ivory Coast

    Because Your Husband Can - Ivory Coast

    Wax resellers are suspected to have invented this name to generate a bidding frenzy around this fabric pattern. Through this wax, a woman can show her relatives and her rivals how much love her husband is feeling for her. Some women even go as far as buying it to themselves in order to wreak havoc between their husband and their rival.

  • "Your foot, my foot" – Ivory Coast

    This wax fabric is often used to illustrate the man – woman relationship: « I shall live in your shadow ».

  • You go out, I go out - Ivory Coast

    You go out, I go out - Ivory Coast

    Here, the woman sends the following message to her husband: « an adulterous groom leads to an adulterous wife ». This wax symbolizes gender equality.