HERITAGE Wax, our legacy, our culture

Wax's names

Women traditionally christen wax fabrics according to specific criteria. In the past, African wax was used to convey messages to one’s family and relatives. Later, it also became a way to communicate about events taking place on the continent and in the rest of the world. Today, African wax bears a universal meaning.


  • " Amassewa " - Ghana

    « Amassewa » is the symbol of the good housewife: humble and mild-mannered. But those who provoke her fierce temper beware !

  • " Awoulaba " - Ivory Coast

    « Awoulaba » means « beauty queen » in the Ivorian dialect Baoulé. This fabric’s patterns represent the beautiful curves of Africa women’s body.

  • " Eye sees mouth does not speak " - Ivory Coast

    This fabric shows that the wearer knows how to behave like a proper lady, underlining her wisdom, tact and discretion.

  • Square Square - Congo & DR Congo

    Square Square - Congo & DR Congo

    This wax fabric is also nicknamed « King of Zaïre », or « Kanga Lopango » which means « fencing around your home » in Lingala.

  • “Darling, don’t turn your back on me” - Ivory Coast

    “Darling, don’t turn your back on me” - Ivory Coast

    A man is supposed to give this fabric as a present to his sweet and loving spouse from whom he wants to get forgiveness. Forgiveness for what, by the way ?

  • Disc - Togo, Congo & Ivory Coast

    Disc - Togo, Congo & Ivory Coast

    This fabric has been christened « Disc » in Congo as well as in Togo: « Gamafolgban » in the Mina dialect. It is nicknamed « Suzan » in Ivory Coast, after one of the most beautiful women in that country. This is a key pattern of African wax.

  • "Double Face"

    As its name suggests, it is hypocrisy and betrayal. We wear it to understanding the hypocrite he was unmasked.

  • Family - Africa-wide

    Family - Africa-wide

    The hen is the very symbol of the African matriarchal family, where women bear the burden and responsibility of running the household.

  • "Able Woman" – Ivory Coast

    Here, the Black woman’s strengths are put forward: dynamism, entrepreneurship, seduction, free-spirit. This wax fabric shows the world the wearer is a fulfilled woman.

  • " Genito " – Ivory Coast

    This fabric is worn by a woman who is involved in a relationship with a man who is much younger than her.

Sugar & Pepper

  • calabashes


    Two calabashes of water still knocking

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    Collection 1

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    Collection 2

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    Collection 3

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    Collection 4

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    Collection 5

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    Collection 9

Our values become eternal through our actions.
As long as we are able to pass on the heritage, our history will never end.