HERITAGE Wax, our legacy, our culture


Wax fabric is to Africa what the Black man is to Black culture.
This highly colourful piece of textile is loaded with significance. It is a mean of communication in itself.
It is tied and untied around the hips, several times a day, to better fit the contours of one’s buttocks.
It is creased imaginatively to cover one’s head for a wedding.
Its edges are rolled-up to carry a baby on one’s back, while attending to the daily domestic chores.
It is subtly sewn to fit tight around the waist while revealing a plentiful neckline.
It is used as a blanket.
Wax fabric bears the signs of every aspect of social life.
In Africa, the emotional link between a mother and her child goes though the fabric: its smell equates to her very presence. This piece of textile will follow the child as he grows up. It will dress him, it will keep him warm when temperatures freshen during the rainy season, it will comfort him during a moments of loneliness.
Who are we?
HERITAGE is a Dubaï-based company with subsidiaries in Qatar, Indonesia and China. With many years of experience in the textile business, our strong know-how is based on experienced technicians specialized in the making of wax fabric.
How to contact us:
Via email: sales@heritage-wax.com
Via telephone : +974 3380 1604
Via Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/heritagewaxofficiel
Via Skype : heritage.wax


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Our values become eternal through our actions.
As long as we are able to pass on the heritage, our history will never end.